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Worcester’s Chef Alina Eisenhauer of Sweet Launches New American Cookbook Project

Worcester’s food scene is booming. High and low, big and small, growers and game raisers, chef-driven and concept-driven, comfort food to refined plates, baked goods to bar stools, fickle customers to foodies, tacos to tasting menus… Worcester has it all with something new seemingly announced every week. It is some kind of wonderful.

Yet there is one thing this Worcester scene does not have: a cookbook author. (Geoffrey Zakarian is from Worcester but he is not of Worcester.)

Until now. Alina Eisenhauer of Sweet Kitchen & Bar plans to publish her first book, Cooking from Memory: A New American Cookbook in 2017. The book is about food as our common ground: recipes and stories from Alina that connect us to ourselves, one another, and a mosaic of flavors that make up American food. But how the book will be created, like Worcester itself, is different from most cookbooks.

Alina’s doing it herself. More correctly, Alina is using a local team, an independent publisher, and most importantly: Kickstarter which is officially live.

Through friends, family, customers, colleagues, social media connections, and a few total strangers willing to buy a book, cupcake, or something more in advance, Alina hopes to fund the book now and deliver it by the end of the year – something no traditional publisher could offer.

Cooking From Memory, Chef Alina Eisenhauer's new book going on Kickstarter.

Cooking From Memory, Chef Alina Eisenhauer’s new book going on Kickstarter.

“I have known what I wanted Cooking from Memory to be for years: A recipe book about the way I and we all connect to food,” Alina says. “What I didn’t know was that I wanted to crowdfund it and create it myself. I thought I wanted to go a more traditional route. But would traditional publishers understand me? Worcester? The connection I wanted to capture through stories and recipes to my family and friends, this city, chef community, staff, and customers? Especially to my mom – this is dedicated to her! Probably not and even if they did I would have to spend months on a proposal just to prove my concept to those publishers and then it would take months to get it printed. I wouldn’t have a book until the end of 2018 earliest!”

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