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Food Network

Award winning cupcakes and East Coast… Read more “Food Network”

Food Network

Super Duper

Chef Alina’s recipes are delicious and even better if you can convince her to make them for you. Highly… Read more “Super Duper”

Joshua P.


I’m Chef Alina

Or, should I say, that’s what I’ve answered to the most for the past 18 years. Mom is a close second and before that, I was just Alina or Ali which is still what my friends and family call me.

For the past two decades I have made my living as a professional chef, owning and operating bakeries and restaurants. I have appeared numerous times on Food Network (videos here) and I have been a featured chef at the prestigious James Beard Foundation twice. My greatest joy is sharing my knowledge and passion for all things food both as a mentor and teacher of young chefs and through my website and social media channels.

I’m a firm believer in the power of fitness and whole foods and I am living proof of the difference it can make. Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis run on both sides of my family and I have both.

Join me as I share ways to stay healthy in the kitchen, happily give in to indulgence on a regular basis, and live an active, balanced lifestyle!

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