Restaurant Consulting

Food is My passion! As a chef & consultant, I know that food is the soul your restaurant. The food is what comes to mind first when guests are making a dining decision and what causes them to return to your restaurant time and time again. My approach, when creating menus and developing recipes,  is to focus on creating crave-able food with integrity and honesty. Guests want REAL food and not cookie cutter formulas. Food made from scratch and cooked to order sets the foundation of excellence in your restaurant’s food culture. Keeping these things in mind, I work with you to maximize space, efficiency in prep and service, source local and natural products at the best prices, reduce food waste and create a culture that excites both your staff and your guests.

I love working with clients who share my same passion for food. I have found collaboration with enthusiastic clients and getting staff involved always results in an outstanding and profitable food program.

Experience the Difference

My experiences as an Executive Chef, pastry chef, bakery owner and restaurant owner allow me to present recipes that taste great, increase guest frequency, are costed properly, and create a buzz in the community.

 As my client, food and beverage development can include but not be limited to:

  • Kitchen Equipment/ Supplies Specifications, layout and organization
  • Equipment Training and Maintenance Procedures
  • Master Recipe Manual – standardized recipes which include detailed product specifications, ingredient proportions, portion sizes, detailed production methods and procedures and photographs to ensure kitchen consistency
  • Staff training and motivation
  • Food Order Guide Specifications and Vendor Specifications
  • Detailed Recipe Costing
  • Kitchen Operating Systems –prep production sheets, station schematics, station set-up sheets, cleaning checklists


Before starting and throughout each project we will discuss your goals, ideas and concerns. No two projects are alike, and I pride myself on my ability to customize solutions that let you show off your creativity while grounding you with solid business fundamentals. I enjoy helping others live their passion through their work. I listen carefully and speak openly about the good, the bad and the ugly so that you can shine and do what you do best.

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