Unlock the secrets to perfecting the art of gluten-free raised yeast donuts with Chef Alina's exclusive recorded class. Elevate your baking skills and indulge in the delightful world of traditional fried, raised yeast donuts, including the decadent Chocolate Raised Yeast Donuts and the unique and chewy Mochi Donuts (yeast free).

Why Choose Chef Alina's Class?

Led by a seasoned pastry chef with a passion for gluten-free delights. Recorded class for convenient, on-demand learning. Lifetime access to the course content ensures you can revisit the recipes and techniques anytime, anywhere.

Hi, I’m Chef Alina

After 15 years as an award-winning pastry chef and restaurant owner, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and told that I needed to go gluten free. I spent years converting my award-winning recipes to gluten free, and making all of the mistakes along the way so that you don’t have to.

I have been featured in numerous publications and TV shows, including five appearances on Food Network and now I am sharing all of my knowledge and experience with you.

What You Learn:

Transform your kitchen into a donut haven with Chef Alina's Gluten-Free Raised Yeast Donut Class. Enroll now and delight your taste buds with these heavenly treats!

Gluten-Free Raised Donuts

  • Master the craft of gluten-free raised yeast donuts.
  • Explore a variety of flavors, from classic to creative, with Chef Alina's expert guidance.
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the recorded class, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

🍩 Class Highlights:

🍩 Extras Included:

🍩 Mouthwatering Flavors:

...and many more!

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