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Gluten Free Easter Menu

All of the recipes you need for a delicious and impressive Easter brunch or dinner. From quiche to lamb to dessert, I’ve got you covered.

Flaky, tender, crust with a delicious silky filling that has endless flavor variations.
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Cream Scones
Unlike most scone recipes, there is no need to cut in butter, and there are no eggs. These are not only easy to make, but they are also the best scones you will ever have -- crunchy edges with a tender interior. They were one of the first and most popular breakfast items I sold in my bakeries and restaurant. These always sold out at Sturbridge Baking Company.
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Blueberry Scones
Gluten-Free Pop Tarts
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Homemade Pop Tarts
Gluten-Free Belgium-Style Waffles
Brunch at Sweet was  one of our most popular services, and Chicken & Waffles was always on the menu. I started out using my regular waffle recipe. but then discovered that this gluten-free version was actually better, so we switched to making all of our waffles gluten free and no one was the wiser.
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Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb
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Garlic Herb Rack of Lamb
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Italian Peas with Mushrooms
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Best Ever Gluten-Free Carrot Cake
The most delicious, moist, tender carrot cake you will ever have. This was a top seller in all of my bakeries for years.
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Carrot Cake
Gluten-Free Anisette Cookies
When made correctly, Italian anisette cookies have a pillowy soft, light, cake-like texture, coated in a sweet anise flavored icing.  They melt in your mouth and are just sweet enough with a strong black licorice flavor that keeps me going back for more.  
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Italian Anisette Cookies


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