Unlock the secrets to crafting heavenly gluten-free cannoli at your own pace with our exclusive recorded masterclass. Whether you're a seasoned home chef or a baking enthusiast, this on-demand experience will guide you through the art of making gluten-free cannoli dough, perfecting the shaping and frying techniques, and creating the luscious traditional ricotta cannoli filling.

Expert Guidance:

Chef Alina will guide you through the step-by-step process of crafting these irresistible cannoli using readily available 1:1 gluten free flour blends. Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or an experienced cook, Chef Alina will provide you with valuable tips and techniques to ensure your gluten-free cannoli turn out perfect every time.

Hi, I’m Chef Alina

After 15 years as an award-winning pastry chef and restaurant owner, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and told that I needed to go gluten free. I spent years converting my award-winning recipes to gluten free, and making all of the mistakes along the way so that you don’t have to.

I have been featured in numerous publications and TV shows, including five appearances on Food Network and now I am sharing all of my knowledge and experience with you.

What You Get

On-Demand Access to Recorded Sessions:

Dive into the world of gluten-free cannoli whenever it suits you! With lifetime access to the video you can learn at your own pace and revisit key techniques whenever you like.

Comprehensive Recipe Guide:

Receive a downloadable recipe guide with detailed instructions, ingredient lists, and tips.

Supplies Shopping List with Convenient Links:

We've made it easy for you! Access a curated shopping list with direct links to purchase the required supplies. No need to spend hours searching – simply click, order, and you're ready to create magic in your kitchen.

What You'll Master

Perfecting Gluten-Free Cannoli Dough:

Follow our expert guidance to create a gluten-free cannoli dough that's not only easy to make but delivers on taste and texture.

Shaping and Frying Techniques:

Learn the art of shaping and frying your cannoli shells to perfection.

Crafting Traditional Ricotta Cannoli Filling:

Uncover the secrets to achieving a velvety ricotta filling that complements your gluten-free shells. Elevate your cannoli game with flavor and finesse.

Gluten-Free Cannoli Masterclass

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